Psychologist Dr. Priti Kapoor

Dr. Priti Kapoor is a renowned Psychologist with a practical
experience of over sixteen years in the field. Her knowledge and
expertise has enabled enumerable clients to cope with stress in
various problematic scenarios.

Maintaining her endeavor and zeal, she readily extends guidance to
all age groups. Her clientele includes individuals from all walks of

As a mentor, counseling offered by Dr. Priti Kapoor helps her
clients in finding realistic and practical solutions to their problems
by gaining an insight into themselves. Through counseling they are
able to utilize their inherent potentials and opportunities and thus
become self-sufficient, self-directed and self-actualized.

She started her carrier as a Professor and remained associated
with reputed academic groups like Symbiosis, Pune, India, where
she tutored students in the applied field of Psychology such as
Customer Behavior, Organizational Behavior, Application of
Psychology in Advertisement and other media groups.
As a visiting faculty she has successfully conveyed as to how to
apply psychological laws, principles and theories practically in life
and at work place.

Her ultimate aim is to promote wellness and enable one and all to
enhance their Quality of life.

Her services can be availed at Mind and Stars Counseling
Services, Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

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