How to Overcome Failure

Failure is a systematic breakdown of our focus on a mental, emotional, and finally a physical level.”

Failure is defined as:
Not achieving the desired end or goal’- Desire aptly to avoid failure

None of us desire to be failures, but not all of us are lucky to be as successful as others.
Failure can be Relative- Do not unnecessarily compare yourselves.

Failure generates a ‘Run Away’ attitude- Avoid Flight
Failure generates a Fear Syndrome’ – Avoid Fright
Attack failure and be ready to Fight

Failure evokes hopelessness-Don’t give up.
Prove yourself – you can do it.
It is not ‘The End’- Start Again- Start Fresh

Failure lowers your self esteem- Don’t hate thyself
Promise yourself success-You are worth it

Analyze failure- Learn from your mistakes
Do not hold others responsible for it-try to get to the root cause with a cool mind. You would soon realize where you could have gone wrong. List your mistakes. Accept them. Promise yourself to amend them. Attempt again and this time you would certainly succeed.

Failure often makes you think that ‘grapes are sour’-don’t just leave
This is your defense mechanism working -Try again- Try hard to succeed

Failure provokes contempt and criticism from near and dear ones- Say Sorry-you could have disappointed them as well, as they expected from you. It can hurt, but don’t sulk. Try to explain what could have gone wrong. Ask them to help you and guide you in future.

Failure instills anxiety-reassure yourself and others that you would certainly make an attempt towards success.
A thought that failure could be followed by another failure could instill a lot of anxiety and fear. It is utmost important to reassure oneself and the concerned persons around that this will not be repeated. Your future is bright.

Failure evokes shame and guilt –Control self pity or self destruction. Remember, there are people around you who love you and care for you. They need you around, even if you are not successful now. They might be disappointed and might react but, in the longer run, will help you to succeed. Don’t punish them by punishing yourself. Reach them, they need time to recover and overcome. So do you! Just let the moment and time pass!

Finally, to avoid failure remember that

  1. Failure is a process that we allow to occur.
  2. It is ‘ON’ as we might commit mistakes day to day, by and by
  3. We realize only when these cumulative errors or lack of effort in right direction results and declares itself in the form of a total failure.
  4. Plan success and also timely work towards it
  5. It is good to dream but action is required to convert dreams into reality!

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