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Anger Management

Anger Management

  • Anger is an unpleasant emotion
  • It might be generated as a resultant of a chain reaction.
  • It might be a release of pent up negative energy stored in one’s unconscious mind.

Do you get angry?

We all tend to get angry some time or the other and so must you.

Have you ever thought that why are you angry?

Let me try to explain!

Anger is generally a camouflaged response to some hidden or unacknowledged stimuli. Many a times it is transferred or displaced to a non deserving target.

For example,

If the Boss in the office barks at you and you have no other option but to tolerate, the anger generated and suppressed at that time hides out in your subconscious mind. It keeps irritating you and is reflected many a times in your behavior, till you get a chance to release it...

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