About The Blog

When we talk about Quality of life, we relate to a Life Style which probably encompasses various components such as, physical, social and also economical status of an individual or a group of people in the family.

Good health and good physique contributes towards the Physical component.

The economical component is perhaps the most used synonym for Quality of Life. It is the ‘rich and the famous’ who are supposed to maintain Good Quality of Life. Most of us work hard and translate our goals in this connotation.

Social contacts and social networking of an individual is another measure of his quality of life. One’s association with High Class and honorable people relates to high profile and good quality of life.

The Psychological component however is ignored and remains unattended while perceiving one’s Quality of life.
A person with stress, tension or worries can never live or enjoy Quality life however rich or famous he might be. Good mental health, joy, contentment and peace are the real measures of good quality of life and should not be sacrificed for any reason. The emotional well being is the utmost necessity.

This Blog is an effort to awaken one and all towards this Psychological component and guide them towards enhancing their Quality of life in true and complete sense.

About The Author

Dr. Priti Kapoor is a renowned Psychologist with a practical experience of over sixteen years in the field. Her knowledge and expertise has enabled enumerable clients to cope with stress in various problematic scenarios.

Maintaining her endeavor and zeal, she readily extends guidance to all age groups. Her clientele includes individuals from all walks of life.

As a mentor, counseling offered by Dr. Priti Kapoor helps her clients in finding realistic and practical solutions to their problems by gaining an insight into themselves. Through counseling they are able to utilize their inherent potentials and opportunities and thus become self-sufficient, self-directed and self-actualized.