6 Tips to Achieve Success

Stepping towards success

Success is an integral part of our lives. We all want to be successful, and why not!

The irony is that, how many of us can relate ourselves as truly successful, and for those of us who can declare themselves as successful it is worth pondering if ;

  1. We are really satisfied with what we have achieved?
  2. Could we achieve within the time period we had set for ourselves or we lagged behind?
  3. Were there many diversions in the way and we took the wrong path and delayed success?
  4. Is what we have achieved really what we wanted to achieve or just accepted the opportunities and declared ourselves successful?

These are a few interrogative thoughts which underline most of the success stories and compel us to ponder if one can ever really attain success and simultaneously enjoy it too!

Why Not!

Here are a few significant tips to
‘Climb the Ladder of Success with a feeling of Accomplishment’

Most of the guidance towards success starts with the phrase,
‘Set your Goal’.

But here we begin with a few very important steps, prior to setting a target or goal for oneself which is:

Step 1

In order to be successful-

  1. Plan early- your time starts now- do not post pone.
    A majority of youngsters, when enquired about their future plans would respond as if they have the life time to go. It is very essential to seriously plan about your future when you are in class 7th or 8th so that when the time comes to make the very first decision towards your career or goal, you do not waste time. Moreover you are prepared and also confident
  2. Match Self Assessment with Self Expectation (to avoid disappointments)
    We tend to over assess ourselves and perceive oneself as a ‘smart or over smart’. This raises our expectations from self and makes us overambitious. We tend to set unrealistic goals for ourselves, the resultant being failure and disappointment. Therefore, it is a MUST to rightly assess one’s strengths and weaknesses and then set our goals. In order to do so experts can lend you guidance and support.
  3. Take help from the Experts for the correct analysis of your Aptitude, Interest or other Personality variables- It will help yourself to know your ‘Real Self’ and withdraw yourself from the ‘Dreamt Self’ or ‘perceived self’.  It is but natural, that we boast our strengths and under look our  weaknesses. A personality Assessment and Aptitude test report followed with a guidance and counseling session with the Expert would be an eye opener. It will help you to rightly know yourself and set realistic goals for self.
  4. Work on your strengths and try to overcome your weaknesses. Knowing your positive and strong personality traits, which might make you different from the others, you can now be more focused.       However it is equally important to simultaneously work on your shortcomings. How to go about it!
  5. Critically evaluate yourself and accept criticism from others to overcome the flaws or shortcomings. Use it as a motivator.  It is not easy to listen to our critics, which could be our friends, parents, teachers or any one else. Remember, they are your well wishers and true guide. Their timely feedback is like an X-Ray, revealing you inside out. Accept it as it will help you to check overstepping in future while setting your goal. Moreover, use their criticism to motivate you to overcome the flaws they are pointing at! This will polish your personality and you will shine! You are likely to perform better and be a winner.
  6. Involve your Guardians and listen to their past experiences and  their struggle stories. It will awaken you towards the reversals and barriers which could probably bar your success. Make an effort to learn from their experiences.

Following these steps will enable you to ‘Know Thyself’ and set a Realistic Goal for self which can be practically accomplished and bestows a feeling of joy and contentment.

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