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Why Personality Assessment Measure for Adults (PAMA)

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How Personality Assessor for Corporate (PAC) is beneficial

PAC is an extensively used tool in Corporate Segment, Organizations and Industries for the purpose of selection and placement.

PAC depicts professional qualities in an individual which are essentially required at work place. The tool is dually useful in predicting the professional persona of the employees currently working in the organization as well as the applicants who apply for the organizational vacancies.

Target groups : Employees in all levels of hierarchy .

Features & Dimensions

  • The dimensions encompass almost all aspect of ‘total personality’.
  • Each dimension is independent of the other i.e., they do not overlap in meaning and represent clear functional unities.
  • These dimensions are important in the sense that each dimension has a wide area of influence on behavior in terms of p...
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How to Improve Your Career?

Some basic points that help on all front of your career like:

  • ·         Support The Support

  • ·         Get Them To Come To You

  • ·         Show Some Appreciation

  • ·         Get Carded

  • ·         Don’t Do It Later

  • ·         Timing Is Everything

  • ·         Pinpoint The Essentials

  • ·         Become A List master

  • ·         Second & Thirds Can Be Good

  • ·         Class Act

  • ·         Don’t Be Afraid To Associate

  • ·         Redo Your History

  • ·         Get Linked

  • ·         Email Love

  • ·         Call To Arms

  • ·         Business Dating

  • ·         Make Things Eventful

  • ·         Impress From The Start

  • ·         Sp...

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How to Improve Your Memory?

1: Keep stress in check

Stress is one of the brain’s worst enemies. Over time, if left unchecked, chronic stress destroys brain cells and damages the region of the brain involved in the formation of new memories and the retrieval of old ones.

2: Improve your memory by sleeping on it

When you’re sleep deprived, your brain can’t operate at full capacity. Creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills are compromised. Whether you’re studying, working, or trying to juggle life’s many demands, sleep deprivation is a recipe for disaster.

3: Give your brain a workout

  • It’s new.
  • It’s challenging.
  • It’s fun.

 4: Make time for friends and fun

 5: Healthy relationships

Humans are highly social animals. We’re not meant to thrive, let alone thrive, in isolation...

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How to Control Anger?

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