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How to Overcome Failure

Failure is a systematic breakdown of our focus on a mental, emotional, and finally a physical level.”

Failure is defined as:
Not achieving the desired end or goal’- Desire aptly to avoid failure

None of us desire to be failures, but not all of us are lucky to be as successful as others.
Failure can be Relative- Do not unnecessarily compare yourselves.

Failure generates a ‘Run Away’ attitude- Avoid Flight
Failure generates a Fear Syndrome’ – Avoid Fright
Attack failure and be ready to Fight

Failure evokes hopelessness-Don’t give up.
Prove yourself – you can do it.
It is not ‘The End’- Start Again- Start Fresh

Failure lowers your self esteem- Don’t hate thyself
Promise yourself success-You are worth it

Analyze failure- Learn from your mistakes
Do not hold others re...

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6 Tips to Achieve Success

Stepping towards success

Success is an integral part of our lives. We all want to be successful, and why not!

The irony is that, how many of us can relate ourselves as truly successful, and for those of us who can declare themselves as successful it is worth pondering if ;

  1. We are really satisfied with what we have achieved?
  2. Could we achieve within the time period we had set for ourselves or we lagged behind?
  3. Were there many diversions in the way and we took the wrong path and delayed success?
  4. Is what we have achieved really what we wanted to achieve or just accepted the opportunities and declared ourselves successful?

These are a few interrogative thoughts which underline most of the success stories and compel us to ponder if one can ever really attain success and simultaneously enjo...

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Psychologist Dr. Priti Kapoor

Dr. Priti Kapoor is a renowned Psychologist with a practical
experience of over sixteen years in the field. Her knowledge and
expertise has enabled enumerable clients to cope with stress in
various problematic scenarios.

Maintaining her endeavor and zeal, she readily extends guidance to
all age groups. Her clientele includes individuals from all walks of

As a mentor, counseling offered by Dr. Priti Kapoor helps her
clients in finding realistic and practical solutions to their problems
by gaining an insight into themselves. Through counseling they are
able to utilize their inherent potentials and opportunities and thus
become self-sufficient, self-directed and self-actualized.

She started her carrier as a Professor and remained associated
with reputed academic groups like Symbiosis, P...

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