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How to Maintain Good Mental Health

We are well tutored from the very childhood to remain physically fit. Physical exercises are encompassed in our curriculum in order to maintain physical fitness and also generate awareness towards it.

But what an irony! We go to school and college for mental exercise and cognitive development. We learn, we memorize, we think in order to solve problems and we conceptualize.

But in the long run, are we ever guided towards ‘Maintaining Mental Health’!
It is perhaps the vice versa. The heavy load of books is creating more of a Mental Stress rather than contributing towards Mental Health.

In this contemporary world where the ‘Stress Factor’ follows the individual like a shadow, it is very essential to generate awareness regarding Mental Health.

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How to Make a Lasting First Impression

Projecting Oneself-How to Impress

In today’s world of competition, where the requirement is only for ‘THE BEST’, it is very imperative and crucial to let others know that ‘I am the Best’.

How can you do it without being outspoken?

The idea is to convey the impression in an innate and effortless manner so that the other person concerned accepts you as ‘The Best’ cognitively.

When you part, you leave your picture in his mind and he is compelled to think and recall only you at the time of requisite.

Follow these Tips to project yourself-make a memorable impression

1. Outer appearance-first impression

First impression is the visual impact of your outer personality...

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